• 2016-10-11_1310

    How can I volunteer?

    Oct 11 2016

    If you are reading this Blog post, we LOVE you already, and the animals thank you so much for being willing to volunteer your time helping them!  There are so…

  • lost dog

    My Pet is Lost, What Do I Do?

    Aug 02 2016

    Obviously the most important thing you can do for your pets is to make sure they all have a PERMANENT method of identification.  Collars and tags can fall off or…

  • briefcase-dog

    Pet Insurance

    Jul 18 2016

    Wohoo!  Insurance!  Everybody loves the intentionally confusing, often vexatious, never simple world of insurance, right?  Well, am I right?  No?!?  Didn’t think so! I am certainly glad that there are…

  • Bargain-Sale-Shopping

    Bargain shopping is great – MOST of the time. Caution, this is a LONG one!

    Mar 29 2016

    How awesome does it feel when you find that great deal on a new pair of shoes, maybe a car, or even a new house?  We all love that rush…

  • Invisible Fence

    Thoughts on invisible fences

    Mar 08 2016

    So you are thinking about getting an invisible fence for your dog.  These are a great tool in many situations, but are not the “one size fits all” magic bullet…

  • vetsaftermoney

    Vets are so expensive!

    Jan 29 2016

    Yes, veterinary bills are much like every other medical bill, they can be pricey.  This is especially true if a condition that may have been much more treatable/affordable when it…

  • Pet Costs

    Financial Assistance for Pet Emergencies

    Aug 17 2015

    Yes, it happens to us all.  Those unplanned emergencies that blindside even the best pet parents.  We take the best care of our furry kids we possibly can – we…

  • FireworksAndLightning

    Help! My dog/cat is afraid of loud noises (thunder, fireworks, etc.)

    Jul 07 2015

    We get many calls and questions about what to do when a furry family member develops a fear of fireworks, thunder, or any other loud noise.  Some spend their entire…

  • Kim-Jamie-e1411067488828

    Apex is on internet radio

    Jun 10 2015

    Want to get to know Dr. Cary and Jamie a little better?  Want to find out more about our practice philosophies?  Check out this internet radio show on Business Radio…

  • Iphone_share

    Your pet’s records on your mobile device!

    May 21 2015

    We have some exciting news at Apex Animal Hospital!  It’s not new news, as some of you have discovered this wonderful tool already, but we wanted to let the rest…