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My name is Emma Lu Malone and I live on (removed for privacy) with my mommy and daddy. I’d like to tell you about my doctor, Dr. Kimberly Cary, at Apex Animal Hospital. She has been my doctor since I was a little puppy. We found her at Paces Ferry Veterinary Clinic but this past Spring she opened her new practice about 5 minutes away from my new home! I am so excited! She is very kind is always careful with me. She cleans my teeth, takes care of my nails, and gives me annual (yucky) shots so I stay healthy and happy. Dr. Cary also takes care of me when I am sick or when I get hurt. You can visit Dr. Cary at www.myapexvet.com, call her at 678-813-1000 or go see her at 1025 East/West Connector (right next to the green coffee place). Signed – Emma Lu the dog

"Emma Lu" Malone

Dr. Cary is a wonderful and caring vet. When my brand new kitten got very sick she immediately took over and made him well and even gave me confidence to leave on a trip to Europe. He is still going strong. When my other kitty got lymphoma, she couldn’t have been more attentive and kind and empathetic. When it was time to say good-bye I was only able to do so because she and Jamie were there with me. I will never forget looking back as I left the room and she was leaning over and kissing Jonathan.

But, mainly, I recommend Dr. Cary because she is so willing to involve the ‘parent’ in the care. She always takes the time to explain everything and is willing to listen to me and my theories because I know my kitties best. She is kind and compassionate and very knowledgeable. I travel a lot and she is always available via email or phone, if necessary. I don’t believe you could trust your animals to anyone better. She is the best.

Kim Herres

Dr. Cary has cared for my two cats during the past 8 years. When I moved to Atlanta, Dr. Cary treated Clancy, who was the “Don Corleone” of cats and not easy to handle. With her special touch as the “cat whisperer,” Dr. Cary formed a connection with him and they had a mutual respect for each other. When he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and later acromegaly, she helped us through all phases of his care and helped him lead the best life possible. She always answered all of my many questions and helped me feel much calmer during his treatment. When it was time to say goodbye, Dr. Cary and her husband, Jamie, were alongside and showed the kindest compassion I have ever seen. Now, Dr. Cary is caring for my cat, Gracie, a beautiful young cat with a graceful spirit. We look forward to seeing her for many years to come!

Dr. Cary is a fantastic veterinarian with the utmost professionalism and compassion for all animals under her care. I wish I could be a patient for my own healthcare!

Cari Campbell

I take my dog, Truman to Dr. Cary because I know she will provide the best possible care for him. She has skills and experience but equally as important, she truly CARES about his health and well-being. Dr. Cary is a wonderful veterinarian.

Roy Tucker

Dr. Cary has been treating my two beloved Golden Retriever rescues, Caymus and Charlie, for close to 9 years now. She’s always been there for us when we’ve needed her…and with Caymus’s epilepsy and Charlie’s affinity for eating bees and catching live shrimp, trust me, we’ve needed her. Dr. Cary got Caymus’s phenobarbital dosage right on the FIRST try (almost unheard of) and personally calls me to discuss blood test results, etc. Beyond just being a fantastic vet though, Dr. Cary is also a caring and compassionate woman who’s earned my respect ten times over.

Here’s just a few reasons why Dr. Cary is my favorite vet:

(1) When Caymus had a particularly bad seizure 5 minutes before I was due to leave for court and I was a worried mommy who called her vet’s office to see what to do, Dr. Cary insisted that I drop Caymus off to spend the day with her so that I wouldn’t have to worry about leaving Caymus home alone all day. When I went to pick Caymus up at the end of a long day at trial, exhausted and worried sick, Dr. Cary smiled as she came into the room and cheerfully told me that Caymus spent the day by her side and that she was absolutely fine – then Dr. Cary refused to charge me for Caymus’s day as her intern… Wow. She must have seen the relief in my eyes and she knew how much it meant to me.

(2) When Caymus had emergency surgery at GVS a few years ago on Christmas Eve, Dr. Cary was the FIRST person to call me on Christmas morning to see how Caymus and I were doing (GVS had faxed her Caymus’s records). Orlando was out of town and I was alone that Christmas, so Dr. Cary’s call meant the world to me. She took time away from her family and friends on Christmas morning just to check on us, even though she wasn’t even treating Caymus (the surgery required a hospital with more equipment and monitoring).

In sum, Dr. Cary is an amazing veterinarian who sincerely cares about her patients and who takes the time to listen to worried mommies (and daddies) too. I honestly believe that she loves my 13 year old Golden almost as much as me and I trust her with Caymus’s life – let’s face it, ya’ll know that’s honestly the best endorsement I could give to a veterinarian or a friend.

Please help me make Dr. Cary’s new practice a smashing success!!! We’ll see you at Apex!

Jennifer Leonhardt Ojeda

Dr. Cary has treated Katie for years. Thanks to her, Katie’s ulcerated eye did not have to be removed, her allergies are under control and her pancreatitis bouts have ceased. Dr. Cary is brilliant, kind, compassionate, and has a great love of animals. Even when she worked at an extremely busy practice, she would personally take my phone calls, stay late if I urgently needed Katie to be seen, and would call me at home to check on Katie. Let’s be honest, anyone who can keep my 17 1/2 year old dog happy and healthy is a vet worth going to.

Lisa Wheeler Craig