Don’t leave us hanging!

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If you read our BLOG entry from 5/24/21, you might begin to understand why we ALMOST enjoy getting stood up for an appointment.  We are ultra-busy all the time and it gives our Team a moment to re-center and prepare for the next appointment that is coming in soon.  It is sometimes a good thing to gain a slight pause in our day.

Here’s the thing you don’t know or failed to realize.  When you schedule an appointment and fail to cancel it in a reasonable amount of time if you are not able to be there for whatever reason, this prevented another pet from receiving the care they needed and even on some occasions, sent them to the emergency room!  If you had made a simple phone call, we would have been able to help a poor puppy with a broken toenail, a kitty with an ear infection, or some other problem that nobody can predict but needs to be addressed to provide relief to our furry friends.

We do have a protocol in place for habitual offenders that have stood us up on multiple occasions.  Here’s a link if you are curious:

In April 2021 alone, we had SIXTY FOUR clients that made an appointment and no-showed us.  Yes, that was 64 times we could have helped another pet in need.  That’s 32 HOURS of time that could have been devoted to your friend’s pet, your neighbor’s pet, or even someone that you have never met, but is in need of an appointment.

Please, please, PLEASE be a decent person and cancel your appointment if you no longer need it, so that we can quit getting yelled at and chastised by people with some seriously misplaced aggression.  We understand that they are upset that their pet does not feel well, and we desperately want to help every single one of them.  Help us help them, for one day, it may be you!

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