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Thoughts on invisible fences

By March 8, 2016 July 24th, 2023 Uncategorized

So you are thinking about getting an invisible fence for your dog.  These are a great tool in many situations, but are not the “one size fits all” magic bullet that solves the problem of every dog with a bad case of wanderlust (or just the plain LUST for that beautiful Golden Retriever next door…).  We encourage you to consider the following points and make an informed decision on whether this solution is the right one for you and your family.

There are a handful of different models on the market, but NONE of them are simply a plug and play device.  Yes there are models that have a home base that you plug in, slap a collar on your dog, and voila!  This is NOT a good idea.  Your dog should be properly trained and introduced to this new containment system or severe damage could occur – both physically as well as emotionally to your dog.

I’ll go ahead and give you the big take-away before we get to the end of my rambling.  Please, for the love of Dog, read the instructions and install, introduce, and maintain your device per the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Not doing so is a recipe for disaster.

Back on track.  What kind of containment are you looking for?  Some models require a little sweat equity by making you to bury a wire around the perimeter of “off limits areas”.  This type typically works well in neighborhoods or smaller yards.  Other models simply have a base station and the dog is free to roam within a certain radius – great for rural areas where your neighbors are not close, but you would like for your fur baby to not range too far from the house.  Some models give a warning beep as the dog approaches the perimeter, some shock the dog continuously after they leave the designated area (until they return), some only shock for a certain time/distance and then stop.  I think you get the idea – there are a lot of options and you need to determine what will work best for your family.  Please do not hesitate to call us at Apex if you would like our input on what might be a good choice for your specific scenario.

Here’s another consideration:  The invisible fence may keep your dog inside, but it does not keep other critters out!  We’ve seen a few cases of a family pet that gets beat up by the neighborhood bully or even possibly impregnated by the happy dog down the street simply because there was no physical barrier between the two.  Robert Frost gets a good I-told-you-so moment on this one, as he warned us that “Good fences make good neighbors.”

In the end, invisible fences can be a good solution, but please do your research and find out which model may or may not be the best one for your family.  If you have any questions and would like further input from the Team at Apex, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

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