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Dr. Cary has cared for my two cats during the past 8 years. When I moved to Atlanta, Dr. Cary treated Clancy, who was the “Don Corleone” of cats and not easy to handle. With her special touch as the “cat whisperer,” Dr. Cary formed a connection with him and they had a mutual respect for each other. When he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and later acromegaly, she helped us through all phases of his care and helped him lead the best life possible. She always answered all of my many questions and helped me feel much calmer during his treatment. When it was time to say goodbye, Dr. Cary and her husband, Jamie, were alongside and showed the kindest compassion I have ever seen. Now, Dr. Cary is caring for my cat, Gracie, a beautiful young cat with a graceful spirit. We look forward to seeing her for many years to come!

Dr. Cary is a fantastic veterinarian with the utmost professionalism and compassion for all animals under her care. I wish I could be a patient for my own healthcare!


Cari Campbell


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